Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Toro Osborne

I finally feel that I really am Patty in Spain. I am traveling to communities in Spain I have never visited. We are making our way to Porto by car and making overnight stops along the way. The first "national" landmark/symbol is this bull by the Osborne Brandy company. It stands on a crest of an arid hilltop and can be seen from the highway. It measures 45 feet high and is a lone black silhouette without lettering to prevent drivers from gawking at lettered advertisement. Catalonia had one, but it was removed by separatists.

The first bull was photographed off the AP-2 direction Zaragoza. There was another bull somewhere in the Basque Country, but I was too late in photographing it. I did see one more bull going through the Leon province off the A-6 highway. Approximately 91  bulls are scattered all over Spain and preserved as a symbol of Spanish identity, though obviously not everyone in Spain feels the same.

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