Monday, October 7, 2013

María Dosel

Have you ever thought long and hard about giving a unique gift to someone? You sit there tapping your fingers on the table trying to think of an original gift for someone and draw a blank. Nothing seems original.

Alas friends, I know just the place to find the perfect gift if you happen to be in Santiago de Compostela! There is a shop in this incredible city that sells handmade silk shawls, monogrammed handkerchiefs, hand fans, and many other wonders that involve linen, silk and handmade lace by an incredibly talented lady. 

María Dosel's shop specializes in creating custom made delicate finery ranging from christening gowns to lace edged linen undergarment bags. I purchased a lace edged rectangular linen mat for my sister-in-law that combines perfectly with her French country styled home. If you have a special person and are stumped to find a novel and original gift, I suggest you visit in person (if you live near by or are traveling in the area) and browse through the many items María has created. Otherwise, visit her webpage and special order an item you might already have in mind. 


Customized onesie with matching booties. Love it!

Linen bag for storing the silver Santiago de Compostela shell used in a christening ceremony.

Armoire with bonnets, dresses, booties...

Christening bonnet and pink booties.

Hand woven silk shawl with monogram.
Christening suit and shawls.
All the edges here are handmade. The hand belongs to María.

I want to get some of these with my husband's name.

Gift for my sister-in-law.
María waving good-bye to us.