Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Undergarment Bag

The content of this post comes very delayed with matters relevant to traveling, but personal issues kept me away from blogging all summer. I do hope it will help female travelers who worry about their suitcases being opened in front of other travelers at the airport. You know, the part where customs officials ask if you have any items to declare. With little time to respond, they ask you to open your luggage wide open and you cringe because intimate items will be displayed in front of strangers. 

Alas lady friends, introducing the linen bag for undergarments that will spare you the embarrassment of onlookers stealing glances at your undies and brassieres. I purchased this linen bag from an elderly lady selling linen products at Casa Otero in Poble Español. The bag cost me twenty-five euros, which was not cheap. But the handmade artistry takes time with little margin for error, so I paid for a beautiful undergarment bag to conceal my undergarments no matter where I decide to open my suitcase. Plus, it is a nice and genteel way of separating your undergarments from other garments. 


UPDATE: At El Prat Airport I was asked to open my suitcase at the security monitoring baggage check-point. The scanner picked-up my sun protector lotions that surpassed the 100 ml limit. I didn't sweat opening my carry-on suitcase because I had no undergarments exposed in front of everyone waiting behind me. Luck for me because I had a young hipster patiently waiting to get a glimpse of what was in my suitcase that was causing his delay to get past security. Everything was in the linen bag!