Sunday, November 23, 2014


Plainly, I have missed photographing my surroundings these past few months. I have completed my Master's and I am officially liberated from academic writing. Not my favorite type of writing to do. The completion of my Master's was followed by family crises. Life is like that, it pushes you off the road towards an unexpected road fork.

Today was the first day I was able to pick up my camera and go for an afternoon walk and photograph the tardor or autumn here in Barcelona. I didn't want the usual landscapes of foliage with autumn splendor. I instead wanted close up shots of leafage and other autumn representations often overlooked.

Gaudiu de les imatges!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Ho sento, lo siento, I am sorry. There has been no time in my calendar to post anything new to my blog. I have been extremely busy working on my Master's. I have not written anything since the month of June and that has me feeling extremely guilty. But time is diners, dinero (money) and I need to finish my dissertation or I will have to pay $$$$ to register for another academic year. And I clearly have no intention of paying money that needs to remain in my butxaca, bolsillo (pocket)

I will return in octubre, octubre to post entries on this fabulous country called Catalonia, Spain. 

p.s. This is one of my two gats, gatos (cats) who has had a relaxing summer.

Bimba chillin' like Bob Dylan.

Sunday, June 29, 2014


I last visited Madrid twelve years ago when I had come alone to explore Spain. My first impression of Madrid then was how monumental in size it was in comparison to the more manageable Barcelona. My impression remains the same. Madrid is all urban expansiveness and  a beautiful metropolis. I was there for work related reasons and I am glad I had the opportunity to revisit this city once again. It's beautiful and regal. Imposing and inviting.

The city is more impressive than I remembered it and many of its historical buildings have been refurbished. The city exudes pride in its conservation of Modernist and neo-Mudéjar buildings.

You can easily find tapas everywhere making eating an easy task anywhere in the city. I recommend the San Miguel Mercado or San Anton Mercado lined with tapa and drink stalls. A popular street for tapas and active night life is Calle Cava Baja where you can find La Chata. I didn't taste their tapas, but it gets good reviews on the internet. If you make your way around the Chueca barrio, it is another reommended place for food, drinks and funky stores. 

El Retiro Park onced belonged to the Spanish Monarchy. The king decided his subjects should be allowed to enjoy the park as well. 

The tourist and the artist.

Puerta de Alcalá
Palacio de Cibeles

Plaza de Cibeles

Barcelona is not the only anti-bullfighting city.

We ate great pasteries here in the upstairs part of the bakery. We had our merienda with groups of elderly ladies sitting in nearby tables. La Mallorquina is 120 years-old!

One of the arches leading to Plaza Mayor.

Plaza Mayor

Tapas on Calle Cava Baja.

This is by far the biggest bomba I have ever seen. It was not very good.

Plaza del Sol

There are Micky and Minnie Mouses everywhere working the tourists.

This is the balcony where KingFelipe VI came out to wave to his subjects. I hate that word. The building looks shabby and run down. 

Parque Sabatini

I love magnolia trees.

Gran Via

A bike in the Chueca neighborhood.

Here's where I said buenas noches to Madrid and returned to my hotel.