Monday, April 6, 2015

La Alhambra

The photographs of the Alhambra finally get to be posted. This place is truly remarkable aside from one of its kind. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and upon your arrival will understand why.

I remain impressed and stunned with the decision taken hundreds of years ago by Isabella I of Castille and Ferdinand II of Aragon to prevent the demolishment of this Nasrid palace with arabic inscriptions and preserve it instead. Charles V, unfortunately, demolished a section of the palace to build an adjacent palace in honor of his ego (my opinion). Pictures of his palace will follow in another post. 

I took pictures during our evening and day visit. If you decide to visit the Alhambra and can't decide if you should attend the evening or day time visit, I hope my pictures will help with your decision. I enjoyed both the nocturnal and diurnal visit, but if you are limited with your time, opting for the day visit is a good choice.

Advice: purchase your tickets online to avoid sold-out visits. Once purchased online, try to pick up your tickets in the evening to avoid long, long lines during the day. Bus loads of elderly and Asian tourists arrive and clog up the lines. Lastly, wear comfortable shoes to walk up the hill to the Alhambra (be in shape too!) as it is all uphill and steep.