Sunday, January 19, 2014

La Bicha

Spain is known for its blood sausage, especially the morcilla prepared in Burgos. I love blood sausage and always control myself by eating a few bites of this exotic tapa. Otherwise, I can easily sit down and have bite, after bite, after bite of this tapa without caring how it contributes to the expansion of my waistline.

But after tasting morcilla from León, as repeatedly encouraged by a Leonese girlfriend, I have to agree that it is way better than its Burgos competitor. Oh! You have no idea how good, how tasty, how spicy, how deliciously it goes with a pint of cold beer in the summer time.

I recommend without a breaths hesitation when visiting León to stop at La Bicha, a small hole-in-the-wall that prepares the best morcilla (and chorizo) in all of the Barrio Húmedo. The owner is a bit brassy and drives the locals up the wall with his cocksure manner, but they grit their teeth and take visitors there  to enjoy the best morcilla in town. This blood sausage  looks unattractive when cooked, as you will see in the picture below, but do not let it turn you off. This paste-like morcilla gushes out of its casing when fried in a skillet. The typical ingredients are blood, pork, onion, and some spicy peppers.  Just smear it on a piece of hogaza bread (typical bread made in León) and enjoy it with a refreshing pint of Spanish beer. So delicious!

p.s. When I was about to publish this post my Leonese friend told me La Bicha is gone! All that remains is the exterior facade wall. We'll see if the owner reopens his bar when they finish rebuilding. 

p.p.s. Bicho/a means a bug or a nasty person. For example: Eres un bicho!

Morcilla from León has a thick paste like consistency.

All you do is spread the morcilla on a piece of hogaza bread and in your mouth!

Best chorizo I have tasted by far!

See that bread on the top shelf? Typical Leonese bread called hogaza.

Try reading the 'Horario' sign.

Another cheeky sign by the bar owner.