Saturday, October 17, 2015

ABaC Hotel and Restaurant

Lost and without ideas on how to celebrate a birthday or wedding anniversary? This post is for all those men and women in relationships, who cluelessly wonder how to surprise a lover or companion for a special celebration.

It starts like this, you book a reservation at an exquisite hotel with an exquisite restaurant (e.g. 2 Michelin stars). Lead up to the surprise by telling your loved one to dress chic and pack a light suitcase for a one night stay. Drive her (or him) to said place, and let the surprises begin at ABaC hotel and restaurant.

The gourmet cuisine at ABaC restaurant is created by world renown chef Jordi Cruz. Each plate is visually stunning, with bursting morsels of flavor and texture. The spa downstairs is warm and inviting, with dim lights to help the mind relax as you linger in the different wet areas. After spending time in the spa, we went upstairs in a languid state and collapsed on the airy down-comforters.

The next morning we ordered room service and I had a most delicate, and favorable breakfast, ever. I can still recall the delicacy of the egg with parmesan cheese and a plate of fresh bread. Then I headed downstairs for my facial massage with Debra Mitchell products--bee venom. The esthetician (Esther, if I recall her name correctly) has hands that will leave you in a deep slumber.

And that is how you plan a nice surprise a loved one will never forget.


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fomentera Blau Bye

Les aigües blaves...the blue water of Fomentera has become my meditational image in the savasana pose after doing yoga: I stand on the shore and the heels of my feet sink in the powdery sand, a low lapping transparent wave swirls around my feet. 

Formentera, only 12 miles of island with turquoise waters.

Ace and I keep reminiscing about our trip and how we would like to return in June if all the right factors play in our favor. The pictorial narrative continues.

One last restaurant recommendation: Can Dani. We made a dinner reservation for Night 4 of our stay, and the cuisine by chef Ana Jiménez was an amazing reprieve from the local paella restaurants.  

Day 3
Cala Saona. Lots of jellyfish, so we left to a different beach.

Cap de Barbaria

My man

The famous sargantana lizard of Formentera. The only native lizard to this island.

Day 4

Platja de Illetes, another one of my favorite beaches.

10€ for the hammock and another 10€ for the umbrella. They ruin the landscape.

After our morning in ses Illetes, we went to Sant Fransesc and had a light lunch at Fonda Platé. Highly recommended and not expensive.

My cool Formentera tank top I purchased at the hippy market in Far de la Mola.

After lunch and a siesta, it was back to Platja de Migjorn.

 Day 5

For our last morning, we went to Rafalet's and rode out to the beach on the moto. These are the last pictures I took of Es Caló beach (for this trip, we must return). I had to photograph the launching ramps of fisherman boats.

Formentera, we miss you!

p.s. TRANSPORTATION: unless you are in good physical condition, renting a bicycle is an option. Otherwise, rent a scooter if you have experience driving one. You'll be able to get quicker to different beaches in the hot sun.