Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Dough in St. Jordi

Sigh sigh sigh. This year I will miss celebrating St. Jordi's Day as I will be cloistered in a computer lab listening to a lecture on T-tests and independent variables  in my statistics class at the university. Every year I look forward to photographing events on this day, but since I will be en absènsia, I will display creatively themed St. Jordi edible items all made from dough (the title meant to be a pun to all the money made on this day), instead of the usual books and rose tradition. I found these lovely treats depicting the Catalan fable between the the dragon and the brave knight (the princess is missing). I act as semi-curator of all things Catalan, and I found pictures on Facebook and on Google searches of cookies and cupcakes having to do with this adventurous tradition.

This was the first thing I found on Facebook.

Like the dragon and St. Jordi (shield and tower), but they should have included a princess cookie! These yummy cookies are from BONPASTÍS.

Photo: Galletas temáticas para la Diada de Sant Jordi
also from BONPASTÍS

More darling dracs from Somnis Pastís

Rose and book cupcake are from Flickr by La Vie en Doux...

No need to tell you were I found this picture...OK, I'll tell you Mama muffins. They even have workshops too!

You can learn to decorate these artistic creations at a Taste of America...

Photo: Apúntate a nuestros talleres para St Jordi en nuestras tienda de Balmes!! En martes 9 de Abril a las 18h y el sábado 13 de Abril a las 17:30h haremos cupcakes decorados con rosas, dragones, un ramo y un libro con fondant. Cada taller tiene un precio de 19 euros. Si quieres apuntarte o necesitas información adicional, llámanos al 932 119 792. Date prisa, las plazas son limitadas!!

These rose motif cupcakes were swirled and designed at Alicia's Cakes... amazing!

Tea and cakes from Karma's Cakes

Rose cookies from I Feel Cook. I wonder if that is a Raymond Carver book?
Ver a tamaño completo

Enjoy eating, smelling roses and buying books! Adeu.

p.s. I do have previous posts on Sant Jordi you can visit by clicking here and here.
p.p.s. If you want me to add any edible item you've made for St. Jordi, send me an email and I will add it to this post. Happy St. Jordi!!