Who is Noia?

My life turning moment came months after finishing my TESOL certificate to teach abroad in Spain. I am a California noia who moved from busy Los Angeles to an even busier Barcelona. It has been an ongoing journey to call Barcelona home after many years of pining for my other home, California. I live here permanently with my Catalan husband who inexplicably takes it for granted that I know everything about Catalonia. He believes I have experienced cultural osmosis by the mere fact I have married him and live in Barcelona.  His kind unfounded assumption is now becoming true thanks to the blog I write. I have chosen to write informative posts on local customs, traditions, and Catalan behaviors to contrast when possible with my American upbringing with humor and vivid photography to convey the beauty of a country anyone can easily embrace with an open mind. But more importantly, I want to introduce you to a beautiful language I am still in the process of learning. Fins ara!


  1. What a nice blog Patty! I love the idea, is very interesting and funny so I'm sure it will be worthy to read it! By the way Gargamela should be proud of your technoloical ability ;)
    Big Kiss!! (un besico, en maño)

  2. Hi Patty! My name is Jenni and I was born in Oregon but more recently was living in the San Francisco Bay area (Santa Cruz and Napa). My Catalan boyfriend found your blog. He is worried about me because I am struggling with the culture here and although I have lived abroad before, the cultural differences have been really hard for me. I live in Sant Cugat and am a teacher also. It is beautiful here but I have not met any Americans here yet. I would love to connect with you! Thanks for writing your blog. It makes me feel a bit better;)

    1. Hi Jenny, why don't you email me at patifue@yahoo.com and we can chat some more. I would really like to hear your story. --Pattu

  3. I stumbled upon your blog and I will certainly be back... I am a wanna-be expat and already what I've read is making me homesick for the country I only spent a year in!


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