Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Pothole of Hell

Every year I look forward to watching shrubs, ivies and trees change their leaf color. What I enjoy most about this yearly phenomena is how streets in my town suddenly display bursts of color. Fiery reds stand blazing in the distance, as yellow trees holler at the spectator. Every autumn I tell myself to plan a trip to the mountains to observe and surround myself in a firework display of bright leaves. I finally did it, but I choose the wrong mountain. I should have researched national parks with deciduous trees that offer a display of autumn foliage.

The hike to the Montseny mountains, however, was not a disappoint as the trail was easy and pleasant. We took el sot de l'infern (the pothole of hell) trail and encountered a whimsical stream and watched a buff colored labrador retriver stomp in the down rush of water. There was a moment in which a slight breeze picked up and sent a soft shower of cascading leaves throughout the forest. Some children on the same trail laughed gleefully at the leaves floating about them, and stretched out their lands to try and grab the falling leaves.

Another happy moment was when I found at the onset of our hike a long sturdy birch tree branch, and used it as a walking stick to help me ascend and descend slippery inclines. I openly pretended to be Gandalf and assigned my husband the part of Frodo. Yes, I know. Silly woman, but nature did it's job by fueling my imagination. I recommend you visit the Montseny any time of the year and enjoy it's beautiful lush trails. Adeu!


  1. Very nice entry Patty with beautiful, creative photos!

  2. Todo el contenido que usted ha mencionado en el post es demasiado bueno y puede ser muy útil. Voy a tenerlo en cuenta, gracias por compartir la información de mantener la actualización, con ganas de más puestos. Gracias
    ibiza to formentera


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