Monday, January 4, 2016

Where to Find Cool T-Shirt Souvenirs

If you are one of those travelers stumped on what type of souvenir to take to your boy/girlfriend, I  found the perfect shop for you. Over the weekend, my man and I were strolling about in Barcelona's gothic quarter, casually making our way to Santa María del Pi. We decided to take a shortcut by entering Galerías Malda, and thereby saving us a leggy walk down Career de los Boters. We turned left into one the many entryways this gallery has, and stopped in front of a window shop displaying t-shirts with snazzy graphic designs.  The t-shirt to catch my attention was this one with the deer image and hand antlers gesturing the 'peace' symbol. The red tongue sticking out was a plus. This is a men's t-shirt and cost 17,99€. I tried it on to check the fit on me, and the fit was fine, and I looked pretty hip. I hate those Zara t-shirts with lame graphics on them.

Then I spotted a second graphic design that I thought was also original, and lucky for me it was a women's tee. This one cost 15,99€. I am pleased to have finally found a shop selling t-shirts with original graphic prints, given my recent hunt for weekend t-shirts.

The shop is called Bisibiglio and is an Italian store. I don't think it matters though, right? It doesn't have to be made in Spain, as it has to be bought in Spain! The store has a website, but doesn't provide the Barcelona store address. Adeu!

C/Portaferrissa, 22 Local 14
08002, Barcelona

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