Monday, August 20, 2012

Hip Perruquer

This is my last guiri entry having to do with California. Maybe. While visiting the city of Santa Ana with my cosina Vanessa, she took me to her hairdresser on North Broadway. I kept giving her compliments on her short wavy bob I secretly envied because my hair is so straight, dense and heavy that it is impossible to style my hair like hers and pull off a great bob look. 

The hairdresser responsible for working his magical scissors is perruquer Joseph Atilano, who doesn't just have a perruqueria with the typical sleek chair and rinse sink, but an art gallery. My attention was first engrossed by all the artwork hanging on the walls and ceiling, the eclectic furniture, and the two and a half mannequins on display before I noticed the red patron chair where Joseph cuts and styles hair. 

I haven't seen a salon in Barcelona  comparable to Joseph's, and if there is one, I would love to hear about it. In Barcelona we have Jean Louis David,  Raffel Pages, and Llongueras with sleek chairs and hairdressers all dressed alike. None of the them have an original look about them or a hairdresser that creates his own artwork and displays it in the salon for private sale. Joseph's proclivity for cutting hair goes alongside with his talent for creating artwork in various styles of expression.

It's a hair salon and art gallery  where apart from walking out with an edgy haircut, you can also walk out with fabulous artwork. If a haircut and artwork is not enough to beautify your hair and home, you can browse the boutique part of his salon-gallery to find vintage jewelry ranging from brooches to necklaces. While chatting with Joseph and talking about his background he pulled out a family tree he keeps in his salon and showed me his father's country of birth. Want to guess? Spain of course, surprise! No matter where I went or who I met, it was always somehow connected to Spain. 

So friends from California or any other part of the world, if you want a singular experience while getting your hair trimmed and are looking for artwork to hang on a bare wall at home, I recommend stopping by Atilanos Salon and Gallery. Molt guai!


Mr. Atilano in the boutique part of his salon.
Hair stylist Joseph and cosina Vanessa whose haircut I envy.

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  1. Debbie, my wife, and I have been coming to Santa Ana's Artist's Village Art-Walk for over two years. We love visiting Atilano's Studio. He is precisly interesting and creative, and complete. His paintings are sensitive and colorful. he gave me a leather fedora hat for my birthday. He made my day. His haircuts are a cut above the rest.

    Signed, Debbie & Scott
    Santa Ana Calif, USA


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