Saturday, March 14, 2015


There was so much anticipation to visit Granada. I didn't know what to expect culture wise, as it is often said that people in the south of Spain are more friendly. During our three day stay, I can't say I felt people to be any more or any less friendly than here in Catalonia. I will say the food did not leave an epicurean food print in my mind. Granada, in my opinion, has little else to offer with the exception of the Alhambra. I took so many pictures of the Alhambra that I didn't want to overwhelm the reader with a deluge of pictures. Rather, the pictures for this post are to orient the traveler to see what lies in Granada, aside from the obligatory visit to the Alhambra. Pictures will follow in a different post. 

I was happy to see right off the bat a visual homage to Enrique Morente (a contemporary flamenco singer now deceased). I love his music as much as I enjoy his daughter's, Estrella Morente, who I recently saw live in concert here in Barcelona. We had relatively good weather and walked a lot everywhere. Here's a Granada caveat: be in shape because when you go visit the Alhambra you must walk up a steep hill! Boy our legs were so sore from walking to and from the Alhambra for a night and day visit. 

Another caveat: when you arrive to Granada by plane, take the J. Gonzalez bus into the city. It has a bus stop route that is posted on the bus. If you give the bus driver the name of the hotel you need to get to, he'll politely let you know which is the best stop.


Enrique Morente

The Cathedral of Incarnation

Love these geometric street lamps.

The ubiquitous pomegranate motif seen everywhere.

View of the city from the Alhambra.

Foggy morning.

This is the bus schedule to return to the airport for 3€ per passenger, I great deal!

An old gate entrance into Granada.

As soon as you exit the airport to go into the city you'll see this bus. Hop on and pay the 3€ bus fare. Don't take a taxi!