Monday, June 17, 2013


Done! No more assignments on language acquisition, no more reports to write, no more waking up every weekend and turning on the computer early in the morning to get started on my writing. What a year it has been for me, working and attending school full-time.

But don't feel sorry for me because this noia got treated to a delectable meal at LEKU, a small  restaurant in Sants. Anyone passing by can easily miss this understated restaurant  and confuse it for a mediocre bar-restaurant. I can't begin to describe how DELICIOUS the food was. This restaurant is highly recommended for anyone wishing to eat delicious Basque cuisine. If you want to celebrate a special occasion or want to impress a first date, this is the place to dine.

The chef comes out  frequently to greet patrons delighting in his meals. The wait staff is very attentive and friendly. This is a you-must-go-there-and-eat-place. 

Bikini--toasted bread in butter and foie gras. Heavenly.

Croquettes made from oxtail. Flavorsome.

Taglattelli and calamari with all i oli, zucchini slivers, and quince. Mouthwatering and creamy.

The waiter cutting this delicacy for us. Creamy and sensuous.  
Mar y Montaña--a dish with chicken and large shrimp. This is a Catalan signature dish as it symbolizes the chickens that grow on land and freshly caught shrimp from the Mediterranean sea.
Absolutely savory.
Steak and potatoes for my husband. Smokey.
Espuma de mojito. Silky.

Pineapple soup with loquat and a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Fruity and fresh.

Jamaican coffee on the house. Robust.
p.s. You MUST make a reservation before hand.

Address: Carrer de Joan Güell, 189, 08028 Barcelona
Phone:934 90 38 10


  1. Hi Patty..(i believed that is your name.. i am sorry if i don't know you yet.. just because it's a bit late now and i am just browsing and i ended up here :) but im sure i will get back here.

    Anyways..the images you posted looks really yummy..
    And the good thing is.. i am 17mins walk away from the restaurant..Aaaamazing

    Until next time :)


    1. You are lucky to have a 17 minute walk since parking is a bit tricky there. Glad you enjoyed my blog.


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