Saturday, June 1, 2013

Les Olives

Yesterday my husband and I drove to Granollers to pick up our kitten we adopted from Vilanimal. Right across from the veterinarian's office was this specialty store that sells pickled olives prepared in different marinades. They were stuffed or pickled with spicy peppers, garlic, spices to compliment a range of Spanish palates. I have not seen a store like this in Barcelona, though I am sure there some. We bought spicy  marinated olives with peppers that the owner said were  slightly spicy. Ho! The olives were beyond spicy, they were fire burning hot! Imagine eating chili peppers and olives together. We enjoyed them despite the fiery flavor. We couldn't skip buying "boquerones en vinagre," which are anchovies in vinegar. They were delicious!!! We'll be back for more olives and other delicacies at Les Olives.

p.s. I never use the date option on my photos, but somehow after recharging the battery camera it went back to default settings.


Pickled garlic.

Olives in pico mojón.

We purchased some of these fiery olives.

Staff here were very friendly.

Salted cod without fish bones at 26,95 € the kilo or with bone at 9,90€ the kilo.

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