Sunday, August 25, 2013

They Said Yes

Our cross country road trip was motivated by two people making a vow to be bound to one another by love and law. Ana, a remarkable friend of mine from Portugal, surprised shocked Daddy Cool and I last year when she handed  us an invitation to her wedding. ¿Eh, que? A little background on Ana is needed here.

It is my pleasure to have as a friend a woman who has a strong personality, a free spirit, and a beautiful smile that draws you in. She is a multi-talented individual with interests ranging from the academic (two masters and working on a PhD) to the super creative. Ana crochets, knits, and sews shoes and other wonderful items for little munchkins on Etsy. She is a hippie-chic lady and her now-husband-past-partner for the last 10 years from England have a Portuguese-English-Catalan daughter who is a mini-Ana. That's enough on Ana. What I wanted to underscore here is that Ana repeatedly told us, "I don't believe in marriage. I will never get married." No criticism here for changing your mind in favor of marriage. I had little wells in my eyes when they shared their experiences and love for each at the altar by sealing their bond with two yeses. The journey of life is seeing people transform positively from one belief to another. So that being said, Ana's wedding was very Ana. 

It was romantic, intimate, rustic, and most importantly, a very relaxed wedding ceremony and party in a small village called Perre, on the fringes of Viana do Castelo. I so regret not taking my DSLR camera to photograph the country and hippie essence of the wedding decor and grounds at Quinta Bento Novo. It felt very dreamy and tranquil, which is uncommon in weddings. I instead captured moments as best as I could with the foggy camera  lens on my phone--I think there was a smeared fingerprint on the lens . 

I wish Ana, Matt and Lily a lifelong journey of unmeasurable happiness and love. 

Felicitats Parella! 

Photo courtesy due to Marisa Henriques. Great shot of the couple, thank you!

Matt's mum knit these hearts.

Hay stacks covered in tulle for guests to sit on, have a chat and sip a cool drink.

This fluffy coffee filter party sphere was also crafted by Matt's ingenious mum.

Groom waiting for his bride to make her entrance. p.s. Matt said his vows in perfect Portuguese.

Lily, Ana, and Papa Fonseca.

We sang this song once the ceremony was over. 

Daddy Cool, Ana, and Noia. We didn't dress as guapos as we intended. We were waiting for a tow truck to come pick up our broken down car. Doesn't Ana look like she could be a forest goddess?

Me with guest Andrea Kumbalia, who came from far away to attend the wedding of our great friend Ana.

A most unforgettable casament i estiu!

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