Monday, April 23, 2012

St. Jordi 2012 in Black and White

My other half could not leave work early to join me in Barcelona to stroll and look at book stands  set up on popular city streets to celebrate Sant Jordi. So I asked a Wonderful lady to join me on my excursion to Rambla Catalunya to look at stands. The promenade was one giant can of sardines with absolutely no space to walk and stop to look at books. Agitated by the horde of people on Rambla Catalunya, we headed to Paseo de Gracia and Diagonal to better enjoy our book browsing, where the multitude of people was less.

People carried roses in backpacks while driving their scooters or hand held roses given to them by a special person. I received my rose when my special other came home flustered he had missed St. Jordi and upset the front part of his shoe was completely unglued and dangling from the sole. Not a good way to end the day. This weekend we will go to a book shop and select our Sant Jordi book without a swarm of people trying to do the same in the name of tradition.

See if you can spot the roses people are holding in some photos.

p.s. Cultural, historical and creative information for this holiday can be found in the 2011 folder in the month of April.

FeliÇ dia de Sant Jordi!

this was all I could see in front of me

trudging along like penguins

at a complete standstill 

Wonderful lady

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