Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Paella with Llamàntol

Every time we crave a paella we know exactly where to head—Port d’Arenys de Mar to a beachside restaurant called Portinyol. Spain has a variety of paellas, the most popular being the seafood paella. But friends, there exists another paella not common to the tourist who comes in hope of eating rice with a seafood melody and it is usually at an overpriced tourist trap serving lamentable paella somewhere on Las Ramblas.

Here’s a tip for anyone visiting Barcelona and who wishes to eat well at a restaurant with a beautiful beach view. Head out of the city and go north to Arenys de Mar and enjoy the drive along the coast. The drive to Portinyol restaurant will be worth it.

Portinyol had every table full to our surprise and we discovered why. The restaurant now has a weekend menu serving a five course meal for 22€ or 32€, I suppose they want to draw in more customers during these tough economical times. Had the menu included arròs amb llamàntol we would have opted for the weekend menu, so we instead went a la carte. 

Portinyol costs about 50€ per person, and  the menu items worth every euro. I have eaten at California restaurants and paid more for meals one third as good as what you can eat here. The rice is tasty, and the lobster just divine. And the appetizers would leave any glutton in absolute sin.

p.s. all this food was for three people and not two gluttons

bunyols de bacallà

pa de coca--thin crust bread with tomato

calamars a la romana

pop (octopus) a la gallega


delectable combination of thin crust bread with anchovy

WHY we came to Portinyol, lobster paella

so good that llamàntol

chocolate coulant with jijona flavored ice cream and whip cream

My dessert--almond brownie with banana ice cream and whip cream

coconut and raspberry ice cream and whip cream, the waitress said we chose the best desserts on the menu!

the restaurant sits right on the beach, we watched a couple  kite flying

a brown sea because of choppy water  and strong winds

one of our favorite restaurants

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  1. one bunyols de bacalla,
    one calamar a la romana
    and that coconut & raspberry ice cream. please. thank you.


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