Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Found a Drac

In my musings about St. Jordi's Day, I wondered if I should retell with historical information once again the tradition behind this holiday in Catalonia. I soon decided I would let the reader refer to last year's post on this special day for more detailed information. You can find it the 2011 folder for the month of April.

I was lost in thought thinking about this subject, walking about with my camera in my barri, when I remembered a particular stone in a high retainer wall in my neighborhood spotted while strolling on a hot summer day.

It's a knight slaying a dragon!

St. Jordi i el drac? It has too be!

See the carved stone on the bottom right of the picture? Anyone can miss this marvelous work of art mixed in with the  masonry.
The stone is easy to miss because it is not placed at eye level and blends in with the other stones. You have to want to look at the wall and admire the masonry to find this hidden treasure. This wall runs a rectangular perimeter around Can Bellet, an old country farmhouse, called a masia in Catalan, known to be there since the 16th century.

As it looked in 1960. No more farmland left here due to the building boom. 

A standing placard describes in English, Catalan and Spanish the history of the neighborhood.

Can Bellet is to the right of this street corner shot taken a block away.
I plan to take pictures of St. Jordi on Monday and post them afterwards, Adeu!

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