Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Agafem L.A. Metro Rail

I didn't recognize the ciutat I toured by Metro Rail with my germana gran. So much has changed in Los Angeles as witnessed riding the Gold line on our day trip of the city we grew up in. We began our trip at Atlantic Blvd. and boarded the train excited to know our excursion did not involve  a car, parking fees, and expensive gasoline. The cost of a single ride is $1.50 for a one way ticket or $5.00 for an all day pass for use of the extensive metro system. These noias had every intention of getting their money's worth for what we considered a fabulous deal for five dollars each.

I never imagined we would one day see a metro system in Los Angeles. Years back the thought of riding a metro train in L.A. seemed absurd because Angelinos are known for driving their cars two blocks instead of anar a peu to a 7Eleven. We were astonished at the amount of people using the metro to travel and tour the city, and even more impressed by the amount of tourists walking the streets of downtown L.A. with cameras in hand. I felt safe walking through parts of Los Angeles that were once bleak and lifeless.

Our first sight seeing stop was Little Tokyo and continued onward to L.A. City Hall. Each day I will post pictures of each site we visited.

First stop: Little Tokyo Village Plaza.

My germana gran

Messages left on wish trees in Little Tokyo Village Plaza.

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