Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Not So Typical Spanish Steak

I have had my fair share of filets, or what is know in America as sirloin steak. As an American, I'm a natural born steak lover, especially if it's angus beef cooked medium rare. I am without mistake, a carnivore. Until today, I never thought it possible to find a restaurant that would serve steaks larger than what is served back home in AmericaNormally when you ask for steak in a restaurant here, you get an eight ounce steak--maybe a nine ounce steak if you're lucky. 

Such prejudiced thinking has changed after eating at el racó de la sidra. Listed on their menu is a 1.2 kilo steak. People, the kilo to pound conversion is two and a half plus pounds of steak. I have never seen such a gran, gran steak in my life. The waitress comes out and shows you the the raw piece of steak that can feed a family of five, to see if it meets the approval of the ordering patron. In this case, it was the approval of two tall men over six feet tall that gave the waitress an OK sign with bobbing heads and ear to ear smiles.

The two women accompanying said two men cringed and ordered one dish of cod fish with pepper and onion and another dish of a normal six ounce steak with a side dish of rice. If ever you find yourself in the small town of Rubí with hungry husbands regressing to a primal state of wanting to eat a slab of meat that looks as if someone has just hunted a dinosaur with a spear and hacked it with a good stone ax, this is the lloc adequat.

Before shocking you with pictures of the steak, everything we had on the menu was very bon! And the sidra, perfecte per un dia calorós!

Big man #1 slicing off his piece of meat.

Bigger man #2 slicing off his piece.

Big man #1 and #2 with finished  2.5 plus pound of steak.

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