Wednesday, September 12, 2012

La Diada Marxa

In-de, Independència!  In-de, Independència!  In-de, Independència!  In-de, Independència! 

These were the powerful words chanted throughout the La Diada march yesterday, September 11. It was a unforgettable moment as tens of thousands of people walked throughout the streets of Barcelona to claim independence from Spain. Catalans are very unhappy with the way that the central government has made deep budget cuts in healthcare, education, and salaries. 

I attended the march with my other half and sister in-laws and  walked proudly with the senyera flag tied at the neck. The senyera  is the Catalan state flag with four yellow and red stripes. My proud husband futilely searched shops in Barcelona for the estelada flag (nationalist flag with a white star in the middle of a blue triangle followed by red and yellow stripes) and was disappointed to find out it had sold out weeks ago. 

The march was attended by over  two million people who came from all regions of Catalunya by different means of transportatin, and marched peacefully along various streets of Barcelona. We started our walk at Carrer Provenza to Rambla Catalunya and continued zigzagging until we arrived to Plaza Catalunya and made our way to Via Laietana. The over all feeling was one of euphoria and peace! We didn't make it to Ciutadella Park, but returned home proud to have participated in a historical march, leaving us with swollen and tired feet. 

Adeu Siau!

Buses and cars  leaving Barcelona clogged Av. Diagonal.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience marching! We've displayed two Catalan flags on our terraces!


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