Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Maitea Taberna

There was no settling for a mediocre tapas bar. With a keen observation for my serious request, Ace got on with the task of finding a non-tourtist-non-gothic-quarter-tapas-bar. He found a taverna on Carrer Casanova, close to the hospital where we had visited his father, and in no way did I recall a tapas bar that had any culinary attractiveness. Doubt enveloped my mind, but Ace incessantly reassured me how much I would like this place located right across from Hospital Clinic. I admit the location of this tapas bar, way to close to a hospital to attract serious epicureans, did little to assuage my lingering doubt of the quality of the bar. 

Ace was correct in his affirmation I would like Maitea. It is by far the best tapas bar I have been to in a very long time. First, we ordered cold tapas and found them creamy and delicious. But the hot tapas were out of this world. They were so delectable, tasty, and left lingering flavors in the mouth. The bar/restaurant is free of pesky tourists and over anxious locals exasperated with overcrowded bars. We also ordered desert and it was absolutely fabulous!! We plan to return next month and dine in the restaurant section of Maitea. This place is a must if you want to enjoy basque tapas with friends.


Cold tapas

This was the so good! Pig cheek with quail egg.

Txacoli, a must beverage if you are to have tapas.

You MUST try the bomba tapa, Divine! It's the one in the back with the orangey sauce.

I would love to attend the San Sebastian jazz festival one day.

Paleta de cesta punta. Also called xistera in Basque.
Tools and artwork.
Maitea means "friend" in Basque.

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