Saturday, February 23, 2013

Neu, Flors d'ametller i Van Gogh

It happens at least once a year sometime between February and March. The weather becomes menacingly cold and blankets the Barcelonese coastline with neu at altitudes of 300 meters. In December we are deprived of snow covered holidays, so this late winter gift is an amusement. I can't help but look up at the almond tree branches with pink blossoms and think of Van Gogh. How would he paint these snow powdered blossoms? I remember his paintings of apricot trees in bloom and almond tree branches with delicate blossoms. Inspiration peaks in me and I photograph a visual manna I have in common with Van Gogh more than one century later. My pictures barely resemble Van Gogh's paintings, but this Noia has tried her best to capture the beauty of the flors d'ametller just the same.

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