Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Catalan nougats,torró yummy yummy

 So I mentioned how Catalan children hit a log so that it shits nougats. I had every intention of visiting a public event for children where they get to hit a gigantic caga tió, but was caught up with  holiday shopping...that included buyng those famous nougats the caga tió is supposed to defecate. The torrons I bought are not the ususal flat rectangular shape or the usual nut flavor. These are torrons artesans, and they were so yummy yummy, molt bo! These nougats are soft and chewy like the Xixona nougats.

p.s. I bought these at Xocoa.

torró de música--cocoa butter, hazlenut, almond, pistachio, and candied organge

torró de vi perlat llet--cocoa butter, perlat wine, and chocolate

turró de coco--coconut, chocolate and  cocoa butter

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