Sunday, August 21, 2011

Festa Major de Gràcia

The temperature today reached 35° C, and I deliberated with a neighbor in our small kidney shaped pool, if it was worth suffering the heat to go into Barcelona. Today was the last day to enjoy a neighborhood street festival in Gràcia, one of Barcelona’s 10 districts.

It’s a celebration that takes place every August in which neighbors decorate their street by hanging themed decorations. The festival begins August 15, on Assumption Day, and continues until August 21.

This year did not have as many participants as last year, yet streets were much better decorated than last summer. Thought and time was heavily invested in the street sculptures as was imagination. 

I tend to visit this festival during the early afternoon to avoid evening crowds and excessively happy people with one too many happy drinks. It's the best time to take pictures and avoid a thousand and one cameras trying to get the same shot you're shooting for. 

Democracy will not make us free

"Do not make noise in Gràcia"  

This is a window to a crafty jewelry store, see the round earrings on the left and the tablet necklace on the right. 

Estelada--independent flag of Catalonia.

Yup, that's Mozart on Mozart Street.

Church reflected on mirrored windows; picture taken at ferrocarril station.


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