Sunday, May 15, 2011

Temps de Flors in Girona 2011

I found the perfect excuse to visit Girona this month of May, Temps de Flors. In all my years living here in Catalonia, this was the one major medieval city I had not yet visited. I was not sure how I would react to this city because over the years I had seen countless pictures of its bridges and over-hanging houses called casas penjants along the Riu Onyar, all appearing unattractive. I was not completely convinced by the photographs that it was as beautiful as they had described it in words.   

Now that I have been there in person, I can attest to all those statements made about Girona as a beautiful city to see and experience. The discordant styles and colors of the casas penjants along the river does not transmit in photographs their true effect and allure they have in person. 

The Temps de Flors exposition ran from May 7th to May 15th in its 56th year displaying flowers along monuments, streets, churches, interior medieval patios and public gardens all free of charge. The city also hosted activities and concerts throughout the run of the exposition. 

I do not know what the exposition has been like in previous years, though I will admit that I expected the artistic flower displays to be more impressive and sublime. In the end my expectations did not matter as I was absorbed by the Jewish quarter and the Carolingian Wall by Pere III. I hope to return next year for this exposition and to be able to compare this year's show with next year's. 

I am repressing the urge to post pictures that had nothing to do with the exposition so as to show you Sant Pere de Galligants, Capella de Santa Llucia and other incredible sites; I will save them for when I  return again in the next couple of months to fully enjoy Girona and all its history.



  1. Wow! So, was the entire city transformed into an art exhibit then? What's the story behind this event? How did it get it's (excuse the pun) roots?

  2. Hmm, more research for me to do...

  3. Hey, I should like to use one of your pictures at my site: is that alright? How should I credit it?


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