Sunday, April 10, 2011

One More

I’m just one more person wanting to share my opinion with the world about issues that buzz around in my head. My subject matter is mainly about my life in Spain and all things wonderful and aggravating about it. This summer I will sum nine years of living abroad in my adopted country. I swore after two years that I was through living in Spain when my then boyfriend now husband flew to California to visit me in August of 2003 and proposed. It’s taken me nearly seven years to finally feel settled here after longing for my California sunsets with violet orangey skies.

So this blog is my therapy to celebrate all the wonderful reasons I have to live in a country renowned for food, art, and celebrations. It’s a way to be thankful for what life is all about here, in a small town outside of Barcelona, as a reminder to myself that missing home and liking my new “home” is absolutely OK--and yes I know seven years is a long to be missing my native Los Angeles. It's time I stop whining and enjoy life as I have it before me. I will post the first celebration that is happening this month, which is St. Jordi's. It's a celebration that involves a dragon slaying legend, books, and roses. This popular annual celebration happens every 23rd of April. Until then, Adéu!

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  1. May I request a blog on that onion thing you were telling me about?


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