Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Since my move from the great cosmopolitan city of Barcelona for a quiet neighborhood in the outskirts, I have seen Venus at night, a shooting star, and lollying clouds. Today after lunch my husband and I had our coffee in the terrace. It was a national holiday today, Labor Day, so we enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and excellent temperature. Then the sky clouded over. As I looked up and stared at the sky I was taken by the beauty of the clouds. I leaned my head back and looked at the núvols hanging so low above us it felt as if we could reach out and and tear off a piece. The clouds looked like giant spun cotton candy twirling slowly in the sky. The moment was so beautiful. I could see how the air pressure spun and pushed the clouds in opposing directions. I had never noticed this before. Enjoy these magnificent núvols!


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  1. love your point of view on life! you notice the small things!


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