Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cap Gros at Santa Llúcia Christmas Fair

Cap gros in English means "big head," and they are very typical in all of Catalonia. This cap gros in particular was spitting out candy  as he swiveled with a marching band behind him. Kids and adults alike picked up the candy he escupeix (spitted).

On a different note, I took lots of pictures today. I can't describe the feeling of being free from having to read articles or write summaries for my Master's program. It was a  strange sensation to be out of the house and walk around Barcelona free as a bird at the Santa Llúcia Christmas Fair.

Bon Nadal!


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  1. Patty thanks for sharing this. Dave and I are headed over to the Christmas market tonight. I hope we get to see the vomiting king :).


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